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Top Features

  • (Tier 3 Diesel)

  • 60 kVA Prime Output

  • Ultra Quiet Advanced Sound-Absorbing Technology

  • Simul-Phase Technology Delivers Dual Single and Three Phase Power Simultaneously

D&D Power sound-attenuated ultra-quiet mobile generators combine design simplicity with uncompromising standards of engineering excellence. Innovative technology delivers dual single and three phase power simultaneously.

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Product Details



Generator Type:                         Revolving field brushless AC simultaneous 3 ph-120V / 240V 1 ph

Rated Frequency:                       60 Hz

Rated Output:                             3 ph: 60 kVA, 48 kW
                                                      1 ph: 36 kVA,18 kVA*, 36 kW,18 kW*

Rated Voltage:                            3 ph: 208V/240V/480V*
                                                      1 ph: 120V/139V/240V/277V*

Rated Current:                            3 ph-208V: 144 A
                                                      3 ph-240V: 144 A
                                                      3 ph-480V: 72 A
                                                      1 ph-120V: 150A x 2, 75A x 2*
                                                      1 ph-240V: 150A, 75A*

Power Factor:                             3 ph 0.8, 1 ph 1.0

Insulation class:                         F

Excitation:                                   Self excitation (brushless)

No. of Poles:                               4



Type:                                           Vertical water-cooled 4-cycle diesel

Model (Manufacturer):             Kubota V3800DI-TI

No. of Cylinders:
(bore x stroke):                          
4, (3.94 in x 4.72 in / 100 mm x 120 mm)

Continuous Rated Output:      77 hp

Rated Speed:                             1800 rpm

Displacement:                           230 / 3.769 L

Combustion System:                Direct injection (turbo-charged)

Cooling Method:                       Radiator

Lubricating Method:                 Forced lubrication

Starting Method:                       Electric

Fuel:                                             No. 2-D EPA regulation

Lubricating Oil:                          CF class or higher

Fuel Tank Capacity:                   111 gal / 420 L

Lubricant Volume:                     3.5 gal / 13.2 L (including filter 0.1 gal / 0.4 L)

Cooling Water Volume:             3.3 gal /12.5 L (including sub-tank 0.4 gal / 1.6 L)

Starting Motor Capacity:          12V - 3.0 kW

Charging Alternator Capacity: 12V - 960 W

Battery Capacity:                       12V - 92AH


Weight and Dimensions

Overall L x W x H:                      78 x 35 x 64 in (1970 x 880 x 1630 mm)

Approx. Net Dry Weight:          2843 lbs (1290 kg)

Installed Weight                         3703 lbs (1680 kg)

 *Output when the voltage selector switch is set at 240V


  • Rugged, fuel-efficient diesel engine

  • Ultra quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology

  • Lightweight and exceptionally compact to fit into tight spaces

  • Generators connect easily, are simple to operate and run a long time between fill-ups

  • Meet current EPA emission standards

  • Both single- and three-phase output

  • Single-phase 120V output available in all voltage settings

  • Voltage selector switch permits matching output to the load. Lockable switch protects against improper voltage change

  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature result in automatic shut-downs

  • Thermal relay opens main circuit breaker to protect generator in case of overload

  • Durable all-weather outer enclosure with powder coat paint and stainless steel fasteners throughout provide protection against corrosion

  • Two-way tank valve for easy connection with auxiliary tanks


Ultra-Quiet technology significantly reduces generator sound levels

  • Air dams and insulated panels re-direct cooling air, doubling length-of-travel to minimize airflow noise without the need for power-robbing auxiliary fans

  • The enclosure features heavy gauge panels and door panels plus engineered sound-absorbing foam. The result is lower sound levels as well as increased unit rigidity

  • Specially tuned muffler and a longer exhaust pipe improve the balance of high and low noise frequencies


Simul-Phase™ Technology delivers dual single and three phase power simultaneously Users can deliver dual voltage single phase and three phase current from one generator at the same time without the use of transformers. Now you can supply 120V and 240V power to lights, air conditioners, electric tools, and other similar devices at the same time you supply three phase 240/480V power to motors that drive compressors, pumps, similar equipment from one generator.

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