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Top Features

  • (Interim Tier 4 Diesel)

  • 25 kVA Prime Power Output

  • Quietech Sound Reduction

  • 29 Hours Generator Run Time at Full Load


MMD Equipment's PowerPro mobile generators are engineered to handle the most rugged requirements for construction site or event power. MMD mobile generators utilize Delta Demand Excitation technology that responds immediately under variable loads.

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Product Details


Generator Specifications

Generator Type:                       Taiyo

Voltage - Three Phase:             208, 240, 416, 480 V - Switchable

Voltage - Single Phase:            120, 240, 277 V - Switchable

Excitation:                                  Brushless with AVR

Voltage Regulation:                  0.5%

Insulation:                                  Class F

Power Factor:                            0.8

Frequency:                                 60 Hz

Standby Output:                       27.5 kVA / 22 kW

Prime Output:                           25 kVA / 20 kW

Number of Poles:                     4

Armature Connection:             Star with Neutral/Zig Zag


Weight and Dimensions (w/o trailer)

L x W x H:                                   67 x 28 x 50 in

Approx. Net Dry Weight:         1587 lbs (720 kg)

Sound Level:                              62 dBA

Fuel Tank Capacity:                   50 gal

Engine Specifications

Engine Type:                               Isuzu 4LE1

Engine Design:                           4-Cycle, 4 Cyl., water-cooled swirl chambers

Output at Rated Speed

(1800 rpm):                                31.5 HP

Fuel Consumption:                   1.7 gph @ Full Load, 1.3 gph @ 75% Load, 1 gph @ 50% Load

Oil Capacity:                               2.1 gal (8 L)

Coolant Capacity:                      1.6 gal (6.0 L)

Battery:                                       12 V x 1

Additional Features

Additional Features

Quietech sound reduction makes MMD generators quiet enough to provide power for that all-important special event. PowerPro mobile generators are dependable and easy to operate, the right choice for all or your power needs.

Quiet acoustics that absorb vibration

  • Frame and housing are built with high-strength materials, and all doors and movable fixtures are engineered to minimize vibration

  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure is designed as an acoustical chamber optimized to reduce sound emissions. The enclosure interior is lined with a special vibration-absorbent, open-cell polymer material to cancel acoustic vibrations. This oil and soil resistant material is bonded to the cabinet walls with a resilient adhesive that enhances its performance

  • The unit's airflow has been engineered to provide proper cooling at an absolute minimum noise level

  • Direct-injection fuel delivery is quieter and easier to maintain. Oversized muffler results in a quiet exhaust

Compact, durable design

  • PowerPro machines are compact, yet offer unrestricted access to service components

  • Equipped with external service fluid drains, simplifies preventative maintenance service

  • Sound attenuated, sealed weather enclosures are powder-coated, and all hardware is stainless steel to maintain a fresh look for years. All cabinet doors lock with a common key

  • Off-white cabinet finish minimizes visibility impact in entertainment applications

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