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Rent your equipment from one of the largest rental power products and services providers in Texas and New Mexico. Rent additional equipment as required for peak-need periods or far-away jobs, get the right equipment and maximize your fleet utilization.

Sales & Services

Why Rent?

Reduce Your Equipment Costs

  • Pay for actual use, not equipment ownership

  • Minimize maintenance and repair costs

  • Reduce storage, handling and freight

  • Eliminate taxes and licensing fees


Increase Business Opportunities

  • Enables customers to bid on jobs which require equipment that they don’t have

  • Frees capital to work for other, potentially more profitable uses

Other Reasons To Rent

  • Try before you buy

  • Equipment can be customized for the specific job-requirements

  • Unrestricted process and equipment-type selection

  • Unlimited availability of equipment


Why Rent from D&D Power?

As specialists in power rentals, there are many reasons why contractors, maintenance and repair companies, owner-operators rent from D&D Power. Here are the top reasons our customers consistently say make the difference for them when renting from D&D Power.

Fleet Size

D&D Power has a large fleet of rental power generation equipment. When you call, the product is either available immediately, or we can get it quickly.

Expert Advice

We rent power generation equipment but we also provide expert product and process selection assistance as part of our service. For customers who know what they need, we can give advice about which specific product will best fit the need, and the budget. We regularly provide recommendations about the most suitable process for each application.

What you need. When you need it. Where you need it

With over 5 Rental Centers strategically located throughout South Texas and 3 Rental Centers in West Texas and New Mexico, we can provide generators to your jobsite, regardless of the location and equipment requirements. We can also ship equipment anywhere within the Continental United States.

Equipment Performance and Reliability

Our rental products are specifically engineered and built to provide Extreme-Duty performance and reliability in even the harshest conditions.

Financing Options

D&D Power offers a variety of financial options to provide you with an optimal capital-solution including short- and long-term rentals.



There are many reasons why renting from D&D Power makes our customers' businesses more efficient. Outsourcing allows them to concentrate on their core skills; areas where they bring value and earn revenue. Outsourcing delivers customers a measurable capital and logistical advantage - equipment idle-time is eliminated and efficiency is maximized; storage and warehousing is eliminated or drastically reduced; repairs and maintenance can be minimized, eliminating the need for a repair shop, specialized repair-technicians and a parts inventory. Finally, the right equipment is ordered for each application, rather than using what's on-hand in the shop which may not be best suited to the task. Using D&D Power equipment, whether rented or leased, means you will always be able to take advantage of the newest and most cost-effective technologies available. We can advise you of the best possible solution to your needs and we can customize our products to best suit your application. The result for your business, whether large or small, is maximized savings and increased on-the-job productivity.

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