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Top Features

  • (Tier 3 Diesel)

  • 63 kVA Prime Output

  • Dependable Portable Power

  • Delta Demand Excitation

  • Quietech Sound Reduction

MMD Equipment PowerPro™ towable generators are engineered to handle the most rugged requirements for temporary jobsite power, with Delta Demand Excitation™ technology that responds immediately under variable loads. Plus, Quietech™ sound reduction makes them quiet enough to provide power for that all-important special event.

Next Steps

Product Details


Engine Type:                         Isuzu EE-4BG1T

Generator Type:                   Taiyo

Standby Power Rating:        Single Phase 120 V: 116 amps (L1-N, L3-N at load)
                                                Single Phase 240 V: 161 amps
                                                Three Phase 208 V: 177 amps
                                                Three Phase 480 V: 81 amps

Prime Power Rating:

                                                Single Phase 120 V: 152 amps (L1-N, L3-N at load)
                                                Single Phase 240 V: 152 amps
                                                Three Phase 208 V: 167 amps
                                                Three Phase 480 V: 76 amps


Generator Specifications

Voltage - Three Phase:         208, 220, 240, 416, 440, 480 V - Switchable

Voltage - Single Phase:        120, 127, 139, 240, 254, 277 V - Switchable

Excitation:                              Brushless with AVR

Voltage Regulation:              0.5% (No Load to Full Load)

Insulation:                              Class F

Power Factor:                        0.8

Frequency:                             60 Hz

Generator RPM:                    1,800 rpm

Standby Output:                    53.6 kW/67 kVA (Three Phase), 39 kW/39 kVA (Single Phase)

Prime Output:                        50 kW/63 kVA (Three Phase), 36.5 kW/36.5 kVA (Single Phase)

Number of Poles:                  4

Armature Connection:         Star with Neutral/Zig Zag


Weight and Dimensions

Overall:                                    L x W x H: 82 x 34 x 48 in

Approx. Net Dry Weight:      2,600 lb

Sound Level:
(Full Load):                              
64 dB(A) @ 23 ft

Skid Fuel Tank Capacity:       36 gal

Trailer Fuel Tank Capacity:   100 gal


Engine Specifications

Engine Design:                       4-Cycle, 4 Cyl., Water-Cooled, Direct Injection Turbocharged

Displacement:                        264 cu in

Bore x Stroke:                         4.1" x 4.9"

Horsepower:                          77.7 hp @ rated speed

Fuel Consumption:               4.0 gph @ Full Load, 3.0 gph @ 75% Load, 2.1 gph @ 50% Load

Coolant/Oil Capacity:            4/3.7 gal

 Battery/Starting System:     12 V DC/Electric

Additional Features


  • Quietech Sound Reduction lowers noise levels so the PowerPro 65 can be used anytime, anywhere

  • Powered by reliable Isuzu diesel engines

  • Enviro 110% containment design will hold all fluids, plus an additional 10% capacity

  • Compact, durable design offers unrestricted access to service components

  • Delta Demand Excitation automatically adjusts voltage output instantly when variable loads are applied to the generator

  • Warning lights and analog gauges (including fuel, tachometer, oil pressure, coolant temperature and charging system amps) provide easy monitoring of engine operations

  • Curbside power connections provide safer setups and testing for all applications

  • LED Tail Lights increase visibility and long-term reliability

  • Lynx-Rite Trailer is made of powder-coated, ¼” steel to insure unparalleled value and utility

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