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D&D Power offers diesel engine driven power generators and other fuel efficient generators for rent or sale. To learn more about renting a towable generator call 1-866-733-3272.

Diesel Generators

Place a machine on hold to guarantee power when you need it.

MMD-PowerPro 25-25kVA-Diesel-Generator.p
  • (Interim Tier 4 Diesel)

  • 25 kVA Prime Power Output

  • Quietech Sound Reduction

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 60 kVA Prime Output

  • Ultra Quiet Advanced Sound-

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 150 kVA Prime Output

  • Ultra Quiet Advanced Sound-

Diesel engines are simpler to operate and typically smaller than gas generators of similar capabilities. They also do not struggle to produce the same power output, so the engine parts are not subject to high stress. Hence, they are highly durable and can go for tens of thousands of hours without needing an overhaul. Low Maintenance. Since diesel engines have no spark plugs or carburetors, they require less cleaning. Additionally, gas burns hotter than diesel, putting more stress on the engine and requiring more frequent maintenance. Water-cooled diesel machines, on the other hand, can run for even longer periods of time before needing major maintenance.

  • (Interim Tier 4 Diesel)

  • 25 kVA Prime Power Output

  • Quietech Sound Reduction

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 63 kVA Prime Output

  • Dependable Portable Power

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 150 kVA Prime Output

  • Dependable Portable Power

MMD-PowerPro 45kVA-Diesel-Gen.png
  • (Interim Tier 4 Diesel)

  • 25 kVA Prime Power Output

  • Quietech Sound Reduction

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 125 kVA Prime Output

  • Dependable Portable Power

  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 300 kVA Prime Output

  • Revolving Field, Self-Ventilated, Drip-Proof, Single Bearing Design

Next Steps
  • Tier 3 Diesel

  • 308 kVA Prime Output

  • John Deere Diesel Engine

Electrical power is critical to business and downtime costs a lot in terms of productivity and time lost. Facilities such as critical infrastructure, emergency services, industrial and communication, all need a fully-functional and guaranteed power source; and will often have measures in place to mitigate electrical power outages.

How Diesel Generators Work

A diesel generator is a type of power-generating equipment used in business and industry as an alternative power source. These generators use diesel or biodiesel as the fuel in the IC engine. This fuel energy is then converted into mechanical energy, and then using an electric generator, and it gets converted into electrical energy. A diesel generator mainly consists of:


  • IC engine (internal combustion)

  • Synchronous electric generator

  • Support chassis

  • Mechanical coupling

  • Speed regulator

  • Automatic voltage regulator

  • Fuel tank

  • Command panel

  • Battery to start the motor


D&D Power has the right generator for all sizes of industries. We provide our portable power generator rental equipment in a completely integrated solution that includes the parallel load balancing, automatic transfer switches, and electrical distribution. Which Generator Is Better - Natural Gas or Diesel. Diesel is a self-lubricating fuel favored by many industries and used in generators, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, and more. Diesel engines cost less to maintain and run, so they take more time to depreciate, and the diesel motor has higher compression values.

How Diesel Generators Work

Industry Applications

Industrial generators ranging from 25kVA to 600kVA also suitable for high-power requirements in industries like:

  • Oil & gas

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Healthcare and Emergency

  • Telecommunications

  • Military

  • Energy

  • Water & Transportation

  • Communications

  • Commercial and Real Estate

  • Education

  • Concerts, Festivals and Events

Benefits of Diesel Generators


Unlike gas engines, a diesel engine does not have or need an ignition system. In a diesel generator, air and fuel are introduced into the engine separately, and air compression alone ignites the fuel. By contrast, gas engines mix air and fuel in a carburetor before compression, which reduces fuel efficiency.

Rapidly Responding

Other IC engine-based generators may take a few minutes to start. On the other hand, a diesel generator of the same size and output has a rapid response time of around ten seconds. This time compensation is stringent for a real-time microgrid power balancing situation.


A diesel power generator can operate at 60% to 100% loads for a prolonged period as it is durable and more fuel-efficient. On the same amount of fuel, a diesel generator can run longer than its gasoline counterpart. High-quality diesel powered generators cost less to run and maintain while providing an uninterrupted power supply to your facility, which makes them especially ideal for rental applications. Red-D-Arc supplies portable diesel generator rental products that require less maintenance, and at the same time, fit into your short and long-term budget goals.

Diesel Generator - Lifespan

Typically, a portable diesel genset running at 60 mph and completing 300,000 miles, can operate for about 10,000 to 30,000 hours. The same portable generator may run for a little time every week, or if there are many power outages, it runs for hundreds of hours a year. Either way, the average lifespan of a well-maintained diesel electric generator can be 20 to 30 years. Preventive maintenance and inspection of the following critical systems can ensure a long-lasting, high-quality, reliable equipment:

  • Fuel tank and filters

  • Emissions

  • Coolant and lubrication system

  • Combustion and air-cooling system

  • Transfer switches

  • Alternator

  • Batteries and charger

Benfits of Diesel

What Size Generator Do I Need?

While choosing power generation rental products, under-sizing can create hazardous situations and hamper productivity in the long run. The best way to ensure that you have the right equipment is to take an expert opinion. Here’s what you should know.

Know Your Requirements:

List the number of devices that need to be powered. Looking at the manufacturer’s manual, note down their starting and running wattage.

Find the Power Requirement:

Calculate the exact power required for every item on your list, and convert from amperes to watts. We've got commercial grade power rental equipment to suit any requirement. Red-D-Arc’s rental generator sets guarantee smooth performance and help you avoid unexpected system failures and shutdowns due to overload. They also provide the power needed to get operations up and running in disaster recovery situations. Call us today and one of our generator rental specialists will help you select the right machine for the job.

What size

D&D Power: Generator Rentals in Texas and New Mexico

If you need a fleet of industrial power generators to keep your operations running smoothly D&D Power is ready to help. With 24/7 on call support and generator paralleling systems, you can virtually eliminate downtime due to power failure. Our generator monitoring systems can ensure that any issues are detected immediately, and our paralleling systems ensure backup power redundancy.

Generator Rentals in TX and NM
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